Ah L’amour: The Enigmatic Journey of Love

Ah L'amour

A break from the usual as I contemplated love last week (and I was feeling a bit poetic) Love, in all its splendour and mystery, has been a captivating subject throughout the ages. From Shakespearean sonnets to modern rom coms, it remains an evergreen theme that resonates deeply within the human experience. “Ah L’amour,” a […]

Strength or Curse?

The personal traits that can be either or both In the intricate tapestry of human nature, personal traits play a pivotal role in shaping our responses to life’s challenges. Whether it’s resilience, empathy, assertiveness, or introspection, these traits can act as both a strength and a curse, depending on the context. It is intriguing to […]

The Love-Hate Relationship with Being Online

The Love-Hate Relationship with Being Online

How much do we truly enjoy the digital realm? In an era dominated by technology and connectivity, the role of being online in our lives has become both a blessing and a curse. The question arises: How much do we truly enjoy the digital realm? Is it a tool for business, a source of pleasure, […]

The Silent Dangers of Insomnia

dangers of insomnia

A Personal Journey Through Sleep Deprivation Insomnia is not merely an irritant; it poses a significant threat to both personal well-being and public safety. In an era marked by escalating stress, the prevalence of insomnia seems to be on the rise, impacting individuals in unforeseen ways. Despite having overcome sleep challenges in the past, recent […]

After 24 Years Have I Cracked It?

After 24 Years Have I Cracked It?

Well Almost…. I honestly thought I had found the winning formula for surviving the anniversary of the train crash.  However, maybe there is still some tweaking to do.  Since being afflicted by PTSD I have had a healthy respect and, hopefully, a more informed attitude to mental health issues. Anyone suffering, to whatever extent they […]

The Benefits vs Cost of Hiring a Motivational/Inspirational Speaker

The Benefits vs Cost of Hiring a Motivational/Inspirational Speaker Pam Warren speaker

(Or can you afford not to) Organisations and individuals often find themselves in need of a little extra inspiration and motivation. Whether you’re aiming to boost employee morale, enhance team dynamics, or simply ignite a spark of enthusiasm, hiring an inspirational or motivational speaker can be a powerful solution. In this blog, I’ll explore the […]

Perception is All

perception is all

And you’ll be surprised where it takes you Remember when I shared with you my article on the things that make me go Wow?  Well this time I’m going to ask you to consider your own perceptions of the things all around you, surrounding, within you and things may not be quite what you think […]

The Irritation of Social Media

social media in general

and look I’m sharing this! In a world consumed by social media, I stand as a dissenter in the midst of the digital frenzy. Social media, for me, is not a source of joy but rather a major pet hate. I fondly recall a time when phones couldn’t locate you, and being unreachable was not […]

A Little Bit of What You Fancy

choose a treat

oh go on…you know you want to You may feel you’re ageing yourself if you admit to growing up hearing the expression “a little bit of what you fancy never hurt anyone”. I know I did, and I look back now with a wry smile about how insightful my grandparents were, uttering those words which […]