My Close Encounter with a Nervous Breakdown

fractured mirror

It all started a few months ago when I was diagnosed with high blood pressure.  I’ve always had normal blood pressure and put the recent heightened levels down to the move from England to Wales during lockdown.  Whatever the cause my new GP was alarmed when it showed no signs of improving and prescribed medication […]

Let’s Burn the Witches!

As we head into most people’s summer break, I thought I’d take a lighter view on one of the things that has troubled me in recent times.  That is the alarming responses social media seems to engender in seemingly rational human beings. Medieval hysteria in a modern age- burn the witches In our country’s medieval […]

Defining yourself as Male/Female, Black/White?


I was at an event this past weekend and, as I usually do, wandered around the room speaking to various people afterwards.  With one particular person I asked one of my normal questions; “what is your biggest business challenge at the moment?” to which the reply I got back was “I am a woman and […]

Goal Setting – Your big shiny goal

Following on from my previous articles; find your purpose and self assessment – the 1st step, you now have a pretty clear picture of who and where you are right now so what is the next step on the road to finding your purpose? I personally found this to be the fun part when I […]

The Starting Point to Finding Purpose – Self-assessment

Last week I wrote about how, to achieve your goals, you have to know what your purpose is.  I promised to show you the steps to do this so here is the first step: you have to truly understand who you are and where you are now. The hard bit I found was to a) […]

How Can You Reach Your Goal If You Don’t Know Your Purpose

If you are feeling stuck in a rut, feeling unfulfilled, are jealous of other’s successes, or are simply frustrated that you are not further along to where you think you should be then read on. I wrote a little while back about humans needing a purpose: What I didn’t realise until recently is that not […]

Back to Work – Post Holiday Planning

Are you ready to get back to work? I’ve often mused over the saying ‘the older you get the faster time goes’ as it does seem to generally hold true but I think I would now change it to ‘the older you get the faster change happens’. It only seems like yesterday that it was […]

Maintaining communication – keeping the connection

Keeping Open the Lines of Communication- maintaining communication is important Most industries have a lull during their trading year.  There is almost always a month where not much is going on in sales or where the closure rate is no longer as imperative as it was in the other months. You may be making fewer […]

Stress Busting Techniques

We’ve all heard doctors, the media and various medical reports stating how beneficial exercise is good for beating stress but did you realise that it needn’t always be sweating away in a gym, lifting weights or pounding away at a treadmill knowing your body is so going to hurt the next day? There are great […]