You Are the Hero of Your Own Story

Pam Warren Speaker

Be honest, are you or are those around you ‘life’s not fair’ people? Are things that happen in your life always someone else’s fault? Are your choices apparently blocked by external influences?

Empathetic Leadership

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Be honest, how many times have you caught yourself telling a colleague ‘I know how you feel’ when they explain a challenging situation to you – particularly during the COVID pandemic as we’re all in this together? The fact is, in all honesty you probably have absolutely no idea how they are feeling – and […]

Kicking the Habit – Don’t be Hijacked by Negativity

eating habits

Many hours of airtime and column inches of print and social media have been dedicated recently to the changes we all need to make to halt harmful climate change after decades of bad habits led us to the current crisis. But whatever has been agreed by world leaders, nobody claims it’s going to be easy […]

Busting the Multitasking Myth

Ever find yourself catching up with emails while listening to a client or colleague on the phone? Or posting on your social media accounts as you try to switch off from your day and watch a movie? Multitasking seems to have become the norm in this ‘always on’ culture as we strive to outperform each […]

When Time Management Can Become Your Enemy

Leadership and time management

Are you wasting your time trying to free up time? Be honest, how well do you really manage your time? Are you someone who focuses on the important or the urgent tasks – and how can distinguishing between the two make us more effective? Time management is a red hot topic, particularly in light of […]

Time for a Humanity Re-Boot?

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Standing on egg shells Are you finding yourself, like many of us, treading on eggshells around the new ‘cancel culture’, afraid of upsetting people around you – or have you been one of the unlucky ones to experience trolling or barbed comments in response to something you’ve said or done? We find ourselves living in […]

The Art of Delegation

(A lesson I’ve learnt the hard way) ‘If you want a job done properly, do it yourself’…but recent life events have shown me that’s not always necessarily true. If we keep saying ‘yes’ to everything and everyone and add yet another plate to spin, we run the risk of overburdening ourselves. We end up adding […]

Mental Health & Wellbeing – You Must Have a Strategy

Stop! Develop a mental wellbeing strategy for your workplace now

Employees Mental Wellbeing Needs to be a Higher Priority Over recent weeks, I’ve been surprised by several companies that have contacted me. Surprised because they are only now setting up new mental wellbeing departments.  Why was I so surprised? How to develop a mental wellbeing strategy for the workplace I was so surprised because I’d […]

How to Create a Mental Health Strategy that Works

Supporting our mental wellbeing and our physical needs can be a delicate balancing act!

Supporting Mental Wellbeing in Today’s World Human beings are social animals. We are not designed – mentally or physically – to do life alone, and rarely does a solitary existence lead to our success or fulfilment. We’re seeing our need for physical contact and hugs played out on the news currently, as we witness grandparents […]

The Need for Professional Collaboration Revealed

Professional collaboration is now essential to our success

Quick Question I believe professional collaboration is essential to our success as we move into the ‘new normal’ following the pandemic. I’ll explain why in just a moment, but first, let me ask you a question: What made the human race the most successful and dominant species on the planet? The Answer is … Collaboration! […]